Free Sh!t

Yeah, that's right, free stuff. I love it when I go to websites and there's cool lil stuff to download so I'm going to do the same here.

Lightroom presets

These are just some basic editing presets for those of you using Lightroom. Remember, a preset is never supposed to be the end of an image, only the starting point. These will give you a basic look and you dial it in to fit your image from there. Oh, and these presets assume that you're starting with an image that has balanced exposure and color to begin with. 

Design Prompts

It's really easy to get stuck in a rut when working on design projects- especially if they're for a particularly boring client.... I've found it helpful to have a list of ideas for out-of-the box side projects to jumpstart creativity and take a break from your other soul-draining work. (PS: a lot of these ideas were compiled over time as I've seen them or come up with them, so I'm sorry if one of these ideas was originally yours.)