Fas Project - Relaunch

Client: Fas Project

Type: Rebrand/Relaunch, Social Media Strategy, Product Design

Agency: Siren Creative Co. 

Role: Creative Director, Designer, Photographer

Date: June/July 2016

Fas Project (www.fasproject.org) is a humanitarian surf and skate apparel company that donates 33% of its' proceeds to multiple charities and causes. They also perform humanitarian trips all around the world. 

They approached us at Siren Creative in the summer of 2016 to help the with a rebrand and launching their new clothing line. The goal was to have a heavier focus on showing their external humanitarian efforts in order to encourage people to purchase items from their new clothing line. This meant we also had the exciting opportunity to design multiple items in their new line of clothing. 

After all our content creation, we also advised them in a 3 month strategy to exponentially grow their social media accounts and pull in new interest to their organization. When we came on board, they had 6,000 followers on Instagram. Using our content and strategy, they grew to 15,000 active followers in less than 2 months 

Social media relaunch explanation video

3 Call-to-Action social media ads

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