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Camila Cardozo shot by Parker Gibbons

The photographer community around the Salt Lake City is pretty tight-knit. Everyone just sort of knows each other and works with each other. So in this new series I thought I'd take advantage of that and interview a few of my friends about their process. First up: Camila Cardozo.

P: How did you get into photography?

C: When I was 16, I spent a lot of time alone because I was the new kid at school and I didn’t really have that many friends. So, I spent a lot of time in the internet— and this is when Flickr was a huge deal. And my cousin would always take all these awesome photos and I had no idea what an SLR was— what any of that was. And then I just started to look stuff up like what camera was used to shoot what, and techniques. Then one thing led to another and my parents bought me my first camera and I started shooting and have been ever since.

P: Who are you artistic inspirations?

C: Yes, there’s Jose Villa, who is amazing. Like, his tones are something that really inspires me. Same with his composition and the way he poses his people and the way he even goes about his work— I feel like he really cares about the craft and the essence of the art, and yet he’s still very successful commercially. So, yeah, he’s one of them. I would say the other one is probably Ryan Muirhead. He’s another one that shoots film. All his photos are very emotional. They’re all portraits but they’re very intimate and if you look at his work he’s just unbelievable.

P: So what is your process like? How do you approach a shoot or capturing a specific image you might have in mind?

C: I mean, sometimes I have a specific photo in mind, sometimes I like to embrace what is already there. I like to look at photos before for inspiration. But if it’s a couple I like to start out with your basic portrait first to just get those out of the way and then I take my time to be more creative and do more candid stuff and more, I don’t know, spend more time in different spaces.  don’t know, it all just kind of flows like that and I like to go with it. It’s very different with everybody I work with.

Shot by Camila Cardozo

P: Yeah, that totally makes sense. What would your dream project be?

C: My dream project? I had one dream project already that was so cool, which was when I shot for Free People. They were always like one of my favorite brands and I got to shoot some looks for them down in Moab and that was absolutely amazing. But the other thing would probably be more traveling. Traveling anywhere. But probably spending some time shooting in South America, because nobody ever immediately thinks about shooting in South America. I like it because I speak the language and to me it’s such a different culture than anywhere else.

Shot by Camila Cardozo for Free People

P: What piece of gear can you not work without?

C: Right now, I love shooting wide. Wide angle anything, because you can just capture so much information in such a cool perspective. I used to shoot everything with my 85. But right now I’m just really loving wide. It looks great in landscapes and can really show the scale of events.

Shot by Camila Cardozo

P: What advice do you have for amateur creatives?

C: Just, I don’t know, don’t stop. Keep going. There’s always something new to learn and if you find the one thing you love and are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work. You can seek it out and practice it and talk to others about it and that ends up being the one thing about you that’s you and can never make you bored. It will make you wake up and just know who you are better.

P: So then what advice do you have for professional creatives?

C: Be nice to the non-pros!

P: What are your life philosophies?

C: Probably that whatever you feel is usually right and whatever other people say is their own view of the world or their own opinion of you. No one know all of you, beside you. So whatever you feel, is usually right to follow and trust will allow those things to fall into place.

P: What do you like doing beside photography?

C: I love to dance and I love Latin music. I’ve been embracing it a lot more and I’m excited to go to Columbia soon and learn more about the essence of what it means to be Latin. And I love studying social justice and feminism and understanding those things about human interaction. I just love, being a foreigner, understanding the outsider experience. 

Shot by Camila Cardozo

P: And where do you see yourself in 5 years?

C: Hopefully, better established. I hope by that time I will have shot cool cookbooks for brands that I love like Topshop. Or it would cool to shoot a cookbook for All Saints. That would be really rad. So I just hope to take on bigger projects and have moved out of Utah for work.

Camila Cardozo posing for Parker Gibbons

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