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On: Being Creative

Here's the problem with artists-- we're dramatic. Like really dramatic. It's a stereotype and I'm sure not all artists fit into it but I certainly perpetuate it. You see, I'm kind of existentially depressed. And it's not because someone broke up with me or I'm fighting with a friend or family or I lost something significant. I just can't think of anything new to make. Creative block. And somehow that makes me really upset.

You see, last year during high school, I could not stop shooting. I had my camera with me all hours of the day and I had an idea for a conceptual photo at least twice an hour. Even though I was in the middle of college applications, productions for the drama department, a relationship, and four AP classes, I always found a chance to shoot.

Now I'm an adult in college with at least three times more free time than I had in high school, but my work has significantly plummeted in my opinion. It's not that I think the work I'm releasing is bad, it just isn't holding anything of interest to me (or many others that usually enjoy my work for that matter.)

I think the problem is that I've become comfortable. I'm shooting the same kinds of shots over and over in the same locations and only sticking with things I'm comfortable with. My best photos have always happened in new places with new people when I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm trying to disprove people who didn't think I could create great images or tell great stories. 

So that's what I need to get back to. I mean, I'm an adult now and can do whatever I want (kind of) to get the next shot. Granted, being an adult has it's own downsides, like shattering my main lens last week and realizing I have no way to pay for a replacement at the moment. But that's another story. 

So, do me a favor? Snap me back into gear if you see me. Tell me you think I can do better and that you expect to see a kick ass image within a couple hours. 

I believe in the power of visuals and stories and I'd like to start creating ones I'm proud of again.

(PS: If anyone can help me find a replacement lens I can afford, I'd be eternally indebted to you...)

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