Case Study: An Open Letter

As a 20 year old kid, I felt powerless about the negative changes to immigration policy in America in February of 2017, but I knew I wanted to do something. So I contacted my friends Caroline and Sage, who I knew felt the same way to see what we could make. After a couple of days of brainstorming, we realized the best approach was a straightforward letter to the world to let people know that our policy is not necessarily our people. We wanted to remind the American people the history America was formed from and tell the rest of the world that no matter how the policy is changing, there are those who will welcome people with open arms, and fight for their right to be here.

After an intense couple of weeks of work, we were able to haphazardly piece the film together and push it out. It was produced in 4 weeks, for a budget of $500, and received 10K organic views within 3 days. We are now trying to push it out through blogs and news organizations to really get the message to a broader public.

Testing the script for the first time at 10PM on a Tuesday