About Parker Gibbons


I started making dorky action films with friends in middle school, programmed robots that competed nationally in the high school science fair, then began working to launch businesses and ad campaigns in college. Somewhere along the way I realized all I love doing is creating things, and decided to focus on creating authentic and emotive media, and designing products for emerging industries. 

So, how did I get to that mix? I spent my high school years shooting photos and films for fun, before being hired as a photographer at Camera Shy photo studio, then worked as a freelancer in college before launching Siren Creative Co., a student-run advertising agency focused on social media growth. It was with Siren I first helped businesses launch their brand, designed products and clothing, and managed a team of creatives. 

Once we dissolved Siren to focus on new work, I became an Art Director at AdThing, the advertising agency staffed by students and run by pros. At AdThing, I've had the chance to create my first ads that ran on TV and worked on national campaigns for printed media. I'm learning more about the creative industry and how to manage teams within it every day as both a student and an art director. 

I live at Lassonde Studios, a unique mecca for young entrepreneurs to live together in a fast-paced, experiential learning environment. In my spare time, I consult for multiple student startup companies and run the Lassonde Studios Art Entrepreneurship program, where we make events that focus on the intersection of art and industry. 

I'm studying to receive a B.S. in Multi-Disciplinary Design from the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Utah. The MDD program uses product design as a vehicle to investigate design research, human-centered design principles, interface development, articulation of product forms, materials, and digital manufacturing principles. My focus is on digital media, entrepreneurship, and emerging industries.


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