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Hi there.


I started making dorky action films with friends in middle school, programmed robots that competed nationally in the high school science fair, then began working to help launch businesses and ad campaigns in college. I have a deep love for creating things and am most interested in how we can use story to develop empathy in our relationships with others and how to use human-centered design processes to create a more ethical, sustainable, and equal future for all. Or as my home-boy Elon Musk put beautifully, "I'm just trying to wake up and imagine a future that doesn't make me sad." 

I'm currently a student at the University of Utah double-majoring in Film in the College of Film & Media Arts and Multi-Disciplinary Design in the College of Architecture & Planning. I work as the Director of Production at AdThing, the advertising agency staffed by students and run by pros. 

Please feel free to contact me directly at or (801) 718-0480.

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